English Lightmandala Newsletter 6/2018

English Lightmandala Newsletter 6/2018

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Hello dear friends of light and art.

I greet you very heartily, welcome to this rare copy of Lichtmandala Newsletter!

With you, hopefully, everything is paletti with confetti in these transformative times of change ...

Here I have for my art lovers my latest news and a few necessary information regarding DSVGO & co ...

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Merci beaucoup so far!


Lightmandala News:

Four unique light mandala artworks are currently for sale!

For you my subscribers, I have one
Special discount of 20% from the copper lightmandala shop prices.

Just PN me when interested.


Lightmandala 1: Gegenläufige Goldene Schnittspiralen Kupfer Lichtmandala 73cm



Lightmandala 2: Third Up Kupfer Lichtmandala 30cm



Lightmandala 3: Mini Sri Yantra Lichtmandala 30cm



Lightmandala 4: Dot Extacy Kupfer Lichtmandala 30cm




Do you have your own wishes for motives, sizes and asking prices please ask by email: art@mandalamatrix.de


As you may have noticed, my LIGHTMANDALA SHOP is currently unavailable under the domain http://lightmandala.com, so the shop is currently being hosted under>







This has its reasons, if only temporarily!



New Lightmandala Videos:





Lightmandala Videos On Demand: https://vimeo.com/lightmandala/vod_pages


Check out my Fine Art Printshop redesign at MANDALAMATRIX.DE


ALOHA! Thanks for reading, browsing and asking!

Much inspiration & Ois guade i wish you a blessed timeline!

wa en re
robert thalmeier



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